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IBM Saves $320,000 With Second Life Meeting | IBM poupa USD 320.000 com encontro no Second Life

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The original case report:

How Meeting In Second Life Transformed IBM’s Technology Elite Into Virtual World Believers



Executive Summary:

A Fifth of the Cost, and No Jetlag

 The IBM’s Academy of Technology has long been on the forefront of emerging

technology research and exploration. In late 2008, the organization held a

Virtual World Conference and then an Annual Meeting, hosted in a secure

Second Life environment with a conference space specially designed by IBM

for keynotes, breakout sessions, a simulated Green Data Center, a library, and

various areas for community gathering. The 200+ participants were offered

pre-conference training on the basics of Second Life to make them comfortable

communicating and navigating within the environment. IBM estimates the ROI

for the Virtual World Conference was roughly $320,000 and that the Annual

Meeting was executed beautifully a one-fifth the cost of a real world event.

Many IBM staff were converted into virtual world advocates, paving the way

for many future internal conferences and events to be held within the space.

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