sábado, março 07, 2009

SLACTIONS journals - deadline for March 30th

The SLACTIONS conference is bound to be a remarkable event - one that is made possible by virtual worlds. Researchers from North and South America, Europe, and Asia holding a conference simultaneously - in Second Life. And that same conference is made available via Second Life locations or the Web (with relay of video, audio, and chat) for researchers in all other places.

If you're doing interesting work with virtual worlds - not just Second Life - you now have until March 30th to submit your paper. If you don't have enough budget to attend any physical location (California, Texas, Brazil-São Paulo, Brazil-Rio Grande do Sul, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Israel, Hong Kong and - yet to be confirmed - Singapore), you only need to register to be able to attend in Second Life locations or via the Web.

Only journal publications count for your carreer? If so, please note that selected papers from SLACTIONS will be invited to submit/publish to the following journals:

Computer & Graphics (ISSN 0097-8493, SCI)
* Best paper on computer graphics - invitation to submit expanded version.

International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning (ISSN 1753-5255)
* Special issue with expanded versions of selected papers on education.

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (ISSN 0718–1876)
* Selected papers on e-commerce and e-business.

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (ISSN 1941-8477)
* Special issue: “The Metaverse Assembled”, with best papers on combination of metaverse platforms with external systems, integration of platforms, GIS/metaverse mash-ups, and using metaverse platforms for cooperation.

VIRTual (ISSN 0873-1837)
* Special issue with expanded versions of selected papers on visualization, interactive systems and pattern recognition.

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