terça-feira, março 08, 2011

O aspecto dos avatares e a colaboração

Este artigo discute, entre outros elementos interessantes, a importância de se poder modificar o aspecto do avatar, como factor que afecta a eficácia do 3D como meio de colaboração.

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This paper is the first to present a conceptual model of effective team collaboration in 3D virtual environments. Our model theoretically builds upon Media Synchronicity Theory and argues that 3D virtual environments can support both convergence and conveyance, the two central processes involved in any communication task. We argue that the ability to manipulate avatars’ appearances in shared 3D virtual environments gives greater control over the social-relational information that is transmitted and supports convergence processes. Furthermore, the 3D environment may support conveyance processes because 3D virtual environments allow the ability to manipulate and present task information that is relevant for forming mental models of a certain situation. Both these processes are proposed to increase shared understanding in a team, which will lead to effective collaboration. Our paper concludes with the presentation of several propositions which allows further empirical testing, implications for research and practice, and suggestions for future research.
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