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Who is Andabata Mandelbrot | Quem é Andabata Mandelbrot

Well, let me say it up front - Andabata Mandelbrot is the Second Life avatar of Leonel Morgado, a computer science professor and researcher of the UTAD university in Vila Real, Portugal.

You'll find Andabata employs different avatar shapes and modifications, according to mood and occasion, but that he isn't as versatile as many - in fact, he's usually in his formal attire, as a barefoot elf counsellor:

2008-11-14 Andabata na UTAD_001
Every now and then, this formal attire is replaced by a curduroy jacket look in jeans, for places where a modern-looking persona is needed. So you get a blue-haired, beach-sandals, corduroy-wearing elf. Oh well, that's as "normal" as I like to be, I suppose.
Two other shapes I use for fun: one if a gigantic ancient dragon, seen here while supervising a master student; the other is an hybrid of owl and leopard, to whom I refer as "knowledge with claws".

2008-11-13 Orientação draconiana_0012008-11-14 Mocho leopardo_001

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