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Late assignment: activity 8 / Trabalho atrasado: actividade 8

Due to a complex couple of weeks, only now have I been able to find a few minutes for Activity 8 in the MUVEnation course: "Draft your own micro-learning induction session". Here it is.

From the Global Kids Connect curriculum, I chose the topic Getting Around: Taking A Closer Look. I believe this to be something many people miss while experiencing Second Life, and a critical skill: being able to view in detail objects and people, without having to walk or approach anything.

So the basic idea of this assignment is to come up with an activity to help put in practice the following skills (or "powers", in Global Kids' terminology):
  • Using the computer keyboard to focus, zoom and pan
  • Using the camera control feature to focus, zoom and pan
The idea is to make a sort of treasure-seeking contest. Create several containers, progressively more convoluted, with a different object or letter inside. Then several students will have to try and find those objects/letters, and take snapshots (if they know how - following Global Kids' curriculum, at this stage they don't) or simply noting down on paper what it is.
The first "container" would simply be a panel in front of the object; then two panels; then a box; then a closed box (yes, one can use the camera controls to see inside); then these can be combined with small - very small - objects, for use of the zoom controls; and finally, there could be rocks on top of objects, or sheets of paper, or boxes within boxes.

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antonella disse...

I cannot agree more with you. Learning to "see" should be immediatly after learning to walk. In my case, on the other hand, I learned about camara controls and alt key tricks very late, after months, if I remember it right.
And I was always annoyed with "those people who write tiny text on boards. What for? If nobody can read it! :o)). It was really, really annoying and frustrating.
anna begonia